Many people who need vision correction opt for contact lenses, preferring the aesthetic or the convenience they provide when participating in sports for example.

There are many types of contact lenses and we can help you to decide which one is right for you. We will measure and fit your contact lens to the exact diameter and curvature of your eye. Just like you need to try on a pair of shoes before wearing them, contacts need to be specially selected to fit the unique shape of your eye. If you are ready to make the leap from glasses to contacts or simply want them to wear for special occasions, you can learn more about what we offer below.

Contact lenses are made from different materials such as:

  • Soft Contact Lenses – made of soft plastic lenses or silicone hydrogel, these lenses are easy to adjust to, and are generally disposable.
  • Gas Permeable/Hard Contact Lenses – are hard and smaller than soft contact lenses and are made from a hard, oxygen permeable material allowing oxygen to reach the eye’s surface. They can be worn for longer periods of time but need regular cleaning and are generally less comfortable, taking more time to get used to. They provide better visual outcome than soft lenses for patients with irregular corneal surfaces.
  • Hybrid Lenses – are a hybrid of gas permeable and soft materials. They typically provide better eye care comfort than hard lenses due to integration of the soft lens component.

Contacts come in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and vision correction needs. Some of the lens’ options we offer are:

  • Daily Disposables – These are ideal for those who want to have a low maintenance option. No need to clean your contacts or store them at the end of the day, just throw them away. Daily soft contact lenses are a popular choice as they are comfortable and are easy to get used to, allow oxygen to pass through and are less likely to have protein build up as they are replaced on a daily basis.
  • Monthly Disposables – For those who want to wear their lenses a little longer we offer monthly disposables. Simply replace your lenses at the end of each month.
  • Continuous Wear Lenses – These lenses are for those who want to wear their lenses for a longer period of time without removing them at night and don’t wish to continually replace them.
  • Toric Lenses for Astigmatism – in the past if you had astigmatism then contact lenses weren’t an option but with Toric lenses mostly everyone is a candidate for contacts.
  • Bifocal Lenses – These lenses offer an option for those with dual vision correction issues and work just like bifocal glasses offering clear vision at different distances. Bifocal or multifocal lenses are used to correct astigmatism as well.
  • Coloured Lenses – If you want to correct your vision and change your appearance you can opt for coloured lenses.
How do I switch from glasses to contact lenses?

Switching from prescription glasses to contact lenses starts with an eye exam to check that you are a candidate for contacts, followed by a lens fitting session where we evaluate your ocular structure to choose the right kind of contact lens for you. This includes taking measurements of your eye, and the curve of your cornea which is unique to you. By accessing the curve and diameter for your eye we can prescribe the best fitting contact lens for the most comfortable fit.

Have more questions about contacts?

Visit our post about contact lenses which addresses common concerns and questions or contact our office. We’re here to help.

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